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Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm PST
, rent, food, clothes, school fees, school books, school uniform, your tax, your life, your future. saturday morning, man in a blue overall. 12 rand, 99 cents in the back pocket. he walks straight to town into main street, sales house. ah, he walks in, the salesman meets him. "sit down, my boy. sit down. "you've come to buy a suit? "ah, just a deposit, "the rest of the balance in six months installments. "you must pay every month, my boy. "we shall send you statements to remind you of your balance. "let me take your name and address down, "so that we can send you a calendar "during christmas holidays. what is your name, my boy? your name?" robert zwelinzima. where do you stay? 50 mapija. where do you work? feltex. felt & textiles consolidated spinning mills, ltd., s.a. how much are they giving you there a week? 12 rand, 99 cents. 99. what is your reference book number? n.i.? n.i. number? n.i. number 3811863. burn this number in your head, my brother. burn it. this is more important than your name. the white men will never ask for your name, but always this number. never forget it.
Nov 29, 2012 3:00pm PST
to supply health care because those who don't will be taxed to put into a fund which would be part of the payment... making insurance available for everyone. now, out of that process, whether we end up with a single-payer system the way the canadians have, or still multiple payers and multiple players, but everybody having, in effect, a card which says i get in the front door of health care, remains to be seen. i think ultimately we'll see all of health coverage covered under a federal plan. we'll fund it through some form of progressive income tax, a model very similar to what's offered in germany, where people opt into sickness funds and pay a percentage of their income to be covered in one of those funds. ultimately, that's where we need to get to. until we decide that we're just not willing to take that risk and have the government use the surplus or raise taxes, we're not going to make a lot of progress. just where these discussions will end is still in question. what is not in question is the importance of a healthy population to the health of the nation. "the human condition
Dec 7, 2012 3:00pm PST
misunderstandings, but mainly it creates records for tax purposes. when an economy becomes this complex, it opens up more opportunities for the state to collect a percentage for itself. such complexity also increases the need t is the job of haaj abdelaziz sakkout. interpreter: if the brokers have a problem, they come to us. we all solve the problem. even if we fight first, we solve the problem. keach: mr. sakkout is employed by market officials. he occasionally serves as auctioneer if asked, but in the main, his job is to settle disputes. everyone in the fez tanning industry is dependent upon others. the man who dries the finished skins cannot function without those who remove the hair, or without any of the other specialists in the trade. with so many dependent upon forces outside their control, new institutions inevitably develop. in fez, every specialty within the tanning industry has its own guild or craft association. the guilds serve their members by setting standards, restricting membership and controlling prices whenever possible. but perhaps more importantly, guilds re
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3